Why (and how) top companies are investing in content marketing in 2024

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Partner marketing shouldn’t feel like a bad group project.

Great partner programs amplify the strengths of each partner, expanding customer reach and driving conversions—for everyone. That takes real alignment from teams that have each other’s back from planning to execution, and leadership from someone who’s accountable to the partnership.

Iron Horse gets partners on the same page, creating unified strategies with clearly defined roles and measurable outcomes. (Remember that kid in middle school who made sure everyone actually did their part of the presentation? That’s us.) Optimization is a core part of our process, so we make sure you can fine-tune your partner campaigns for repeatable, scalable success.

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Iron Horse supports partner marketing programs through partner onboarding, alignment, co-creation, selling, and optimization.

We work with you to tackle your greatest partner marketing challenges.

Connecting with partners that share your goals.

Creating strategies that play to your strengths.

Making partnerships easier than going solo.

Roadmap to success.

Whether you’re creating a new partnership or looking to drive better outcomes from an existing relationship, here are some of the things we’ll be talking to you about.

Partnerships are about more than sharing lists.

When you bring together two teams set in their ways, there are bound to be problems. We help partners amplify their natural synergies, agree on ICPs and KPIs, coordinate tactics, and define goals (and we make sure we take care of the boring work no one else wants to do.)

New goals need new assets.

Adding your logo to your partner’s content without including joint messaging might bring in new leads, but doesn’t drive to a co-sale. We’ll help create new assets that reflect how your joint solution is better than the sum of its parts and drive toward your shared version of success.

The only thing worse than too many cooks is none at all.

With two sets of teams involved, ambiguity around who’s doing what can leave important things undone. You need a better plan than “eh, we’ll figure it out.” We help you establish roles for the partnership and make sure everyone knows what they’re responsible for—and gets it done—each step of the way.

There’s only one way to know if your programs add up. 

Many partnerships treat reporting as an afterthought, if they think of it at all. We help you create partner pipeline reporting, account mapping, channel dashboards, ROI tracking and partner scorecards to make sure you can understand the impact of your partnership, and optimize accordingly.

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