Beyond “Alignment”: Creating More Efficiency Between Sales and Marketing

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Relationships are foundational to your growth—and ours.

That’s why we make it a priority to build relationships with our clients. Whether you’re seeking strategic guidance, need end-to-end program design and implementation, or are simply looking for an expert team to execute your campaign, we work closely with your team to understand your goals, and deliver campaigns that exceed your expectations and drive results.

GTM strategy.

Marketing has changed. Bringing in leads is not enough. Today’s marketers are on the hook to deliver a measurable impact on sales acceleration. Initiatives like personalization, automation and reporting must be recast to support new outcomes and goals. At the same time, account based marketing (ABM) is essential, martech ubiquitous, and the pace of change breakneck. In order to be agile and accountable, marketers must have a solid foundation of processes and technology that enable collaboration with sales. That’s where Iron Horse comes in. We work closely with marketing and sales leaders to understand your business objectives. Then we provide systematic, prioritized, actionable recommendations to drive alignment and work together to achieve your organization’s growth goals.

Get started with GTM strategy services

Key GTM strategy services include:

  • GTM planning & readiness
  • Budget allocation
  • Functional priorities
  • Campaign planning
  • Account based marketing (ABM)
  • Strategy & optimization
  • Organizational structure
  • Marketing processes
  • Report analysis & insights
  • Marketing metrics and KPIs
  • Demand forecasting
  • Sales enablement

Demand Generation.

The customer is everywhere and your demand gen must be too. Being multichannel is not enough. Today’s B2B demand gen efforts are still largely unconnected—leading to a haphazard customer experience plagued by inconsistent messaging and no clear path to convert one-off experiences into long-term relationships. We use an integrated approach to create true omnichannel campaigns that engage customers throughout their journey—resulting in a cohesive experience that drives conversion, and fosters advocacy and growth for your brand.

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Key demand gen services include:

Performance Media.

The average B2B customer requires more than a dozen touches before they engage. So how can you make sure your message stays front and center for your target audience long enough for them to engage? We help you cut through the digital noise. We take an agile optimization approach to create personalized engagement across channels and touchpoints to drive results.

Get started with performance media services

Key performance media services include:

  • Omnichannel media strategy
  • Audience targeting & segmentation
  • Account based marketing (ABM)
  • Media planning & buys
  • Paid social
  • Third-party publisher programs
  • Paid media (programmatic, content syndication, SEM, etc.)
  • Influencer program development
  • Copy & design
  • Analytics & reporting

Digital Experiences.

B2B buyers engage with an average of 13 content pieces before making a decision. Interactive content, webinars, virtual & hybrid events, and other digital experiences are critical for capturing attention, differentiating your solution, and helping buyers make a decision. At the same time, screen fatigue is real, and unnecessary interactivity and over-long sessions hurt more than they help. Our content, creative and engineering teams work closely together to design and develop high-impact digital experiences that build trust with your target audience, advance the buying process, and turn customers into loyal advocates.

Get started with digital experience services

Key digital experience services include:

  • Webinars
  • Virtual & hybrid events
  • Website and microsite
  • Interactive content
  • Online demos
  • Motion graphics
  • Data visualizations & infographics
  • Sales training & enablement

Marketing Operations.

Today’s marketing organization is expected to be able to scale massively and measure performance in real time. But many organizations do not have the right expertise, processes or technology in place to deliver on these expectations. We help you identify and correct ineffective processes, underutilized martech and integration challenges so you can operate more efficiently and maintain quality and consistency as you scale and grow.

Get started with marketing ops services

Key marketing operations services include:

  • Martech integration
  • Data management
  • Lead prioritization
  • Automation & workflow support
  • SLAs
  • Martech systemization & optimization
  • Strategic & technical campaign guidance
  • Privacy & legal compliance
  • Campaign managed services

Insight & Analytics.

The ability to quickly acquire, interpret and act on data is fundamental to modern marketing functions. But which measurements actually help you drive forward your goals and objectives? And how can you get a full picture in real time when you are driving engagements across multiple platforms and channels?

We help you identify both the right metrics for your goals and the right data sources for those metrics. Our data science and engineering teams work together to standardize, normalize, enrich and filter your data and create custom dashboards that integrate data across channels so you can derive actionable insights, optimize your engagements, and prove ROI.

Get started with insight & analytics services

Key insight & analytics services include:

  • Data & analytics strategy
  • Database infrastructure & administration
  • Data normalization, standardization & enrichment
  • Third-party tracking strategy & integration
  • Data lake or data warehouse planning & building
  • ETL data engineering
  • Rich-data dashboards
  • Actionable insights

Martech Expertise.

The backbone of business growth.

We use the best technologies to help boost your go-to-market strategies, acquire new customers, and drive revenue growth. In addition, our martech and salestech partnerships enable us to help clients get the most out of their technology to create scalable buyer experiences that lead to outcomes.

Marketing Automation

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