Beyond “Alignment”: Creating More Efficiency Between Sales and Marketing

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About Us

Iron Horse.

We help you grow.

We work with you to exceed your growth goals.

We blend technology, integrated marketing, and industry expertise with demand generation domain to deliver results.

Our flexible, cross-functional teams draw on backgrounds in technology, marketing and sales to bridge the gap between marketing efforts and sales.

Coworkers in the Iron Horse office. Coworkers in the Iron Horse office. Coworkers in the Iron Horse office. Coworkers in the Iron Horse office.

How we connect the dots between growth marketing and actual growth.

Audience obsessed.

To create meaningful experiences that drive conversions, you must know your audiences. We combine insights from intent signals, your other data and our independent audience surveys to recommend solutions for each segment’s journey.


We don’t work in a vacuum or on intuition (alone). We continually review historical and emerging data to vet our assumptions, optimize our strategies and campaigns, and truly understand why things do or don’t work.

Tech savvy.

It’s not just about having the right martech and salestech, but knowing how to integrate it fully and use it intentionally to support omnichannel, integrated customer experiences and buyer journeys.

Innovation and connection is in our DNA.

In the late 1800s, the steam engine, nicknamed the “iron horse,” transformed transportation, connected people like never before, and revolutionized the exchange of ideas and goods. Like our namesake, we’re transforming the way our clients connect with their customers to deepen engagement and increase sales.


We choose partnerships that empower our clients.

We leverage strategic partnerships to help you get the most from your tools.

The values we bring to the table.

The world changes. The buyer’s journey changes. Our values endure.

We’re passionate.

We love what we do and put our heart into your projects.

We’re empathic.

We put ourselves in buyers’ shoes and design cohesive experiences.

We strive for excellence.

If there’s a better way, we’ll find it.

We build relationships.

We help you foster authentic relationships with your audiences.

We base decisions on data.

Marketing drives emotion, but we’re not emotional about marketing.

Get to know us.

We lean into our diversity and wealth of experiences and backgrounds to fuel innovation.

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Maria Gianotti Nora Maus Monica Behncke
Barbie Mattie

East Bay office.

As the original office, San Ramon remains a center of creativity, innovation and guidance for the Iron Horse team.

Bishop Ranch 1
6111 Bollinger Canyon Road, Suite 555
San Ramon, CA 94583

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View of Portland, OR

Portland cohort.

We have a close-knit team operating out of the Portland metropolitan area.

Water Tower Building
5331 S Macadam Ave #375
Portland, OR 97239

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The extended crew.

With team members across the United States, we bring together a vibrant variety of perspectives, cultures and experience.

We can help you with your growth goals.

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