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There’s something beautiful about working with people who love what they do.

We’re a growth marketing agency that wants our people to grow. Learn new skills. Get excited about stuff. Travel to new places. Do the things you love.

We help our clients grow. And we’ll help you grow too.

Coworkers in the Iron Horse office.

Iron Horse by the numbers.

Team Members in 12+ states
38% Cat People, 62% Dog People
3+ Million Steps per Month
40% regularly watch the waiver wire

Here’s what makes us us.

Culture is made. We’re looking for people who want to join us in promoting these values.


Whether it is jumping on a call with the CEO or participating in brainstorming across different teams, our non-hierarchical org structure allows everyone to be heard and encourages everyone to make a difference.


When you win, we win. Regardless of if you’re just starting out or a seasoned executive, we want to hear your voice, celebrate your successes and push you to improve. And we want you to do the same for us.


Diversity and inclusion isn’t a buzzword for us—it’s how we began. We welcome team members from different backgrounds, identities and accessibility needs and actively work to create an office culture where everyone belongs.


We lift each other up. We go to bat for each other. And give the kind of constructive criticism that helps everyone get better. Why? Because we like what we do and we like doing it together.

The perks, benefits and commitments you can expect when working with us.

  • A thoughtful approach to the way work gets done in today’s world, including remote, hybrid, and on-site working options.

  • An equal opportunity employer committed to a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. Your diversity is celebrated as a strength here—something powerful you bring to each and every team and project.

  • A healthy work-life balance where all team members have the support, resources and benefits needed to thrive and succeed.

  • Medical, dental and vision insurance, a 401(k) retirement plan with generous matching, parental leave, financial coaching, mental health and wellness resources.

  • Ample paid time off (including your birthday!) so you can rest, travel, volunteer, cuddle with your pets, go to your kid’s recitals, pamper your plants, etc.

  • Virtual team activities, speaker series and in-person team meet ups and other ways to learn, connect and grow with your coworkers.

How we describe ourselves.

Ezra Hockman

Engineering Lead




Jordan Stoner




Mariska Armijo

Mariska Armijo




Monica Behncke

Monica Behncke




Nora Maus

Nora Maus




Inside Iron Horse

Alex Jonathan Brown

What’s your favorite new marketing trend?

I’m very much an Elder Millennial. I’m almost 40. My TikTok FYP is a mess. I have been to Vanderpump Dogs. I’m a digital native in all the worst ways and I’m basically middle aged.

There’s this growing realization that the Millennials everyone was so worried twenty years ago are making real, serious, business decisions now. And watching the B2C space slowly embrace that and talk to my cohort like the absolute weirdos we are is just the best.

Did we save the world? Absolutely not. (Sorry about that, good luck, Gen Z, we’re all pulling for you.) But are we ready for that “Don’t Be Suspicious” gif in a sales email? We’re getting there.

What do you bring into every client relationship?

I try really hard to make sure we stay focused on the fact that when we’re doing marketing, we’re marketing to real, actual, human people. I really think there’s a way to do all of this where that person’s day is just a little bit better because our work is in it. When we can manage that, the whole “selling stuff” part comes easy.

Our team is guided by values, not locations.

You can find us in our San Ramon headquarters, at the Portland, OR office space, or through the screens in our own homes.

We’re spread all around the globe.

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  • Arguing about the best BBQ in Austin, TX  Arrow Right
  • Listening to live music in Nashville, TN  Arrow Right
  • Hiking through the wilderness in Denver, CO  Arrow Right
  • Basking in the sunsets in Fort Lauderdale, FL  Arrow Right
San Ramon

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