Why (and how) top companies are investing in content marketing in 2024

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B2B buying has changed. You’re not merely selling solutions; you’re cultivating relationships. And it’s not just getting your message out there, but getting the right message to the right people at the right time.

At Iron Horse, we start by developing a deep understanding of your particular audience, from what they care about, to where they hang out, to how they prefer to learn and buy. We use this information to create efficient, omnichannel campaigns that break through the noise and engage buyers throughout their journey—wherever they are. 

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Iron Horse’s demand gen framework incorporates self-serve and person-to-person interactions across the buyer’s journey and post-sale.

We work with marketing and sales teams to tackle their biggest demand gen challenges.

Attracting and converting the right contacts.

Competing for your audience's attention.

Aligning sales and marketing teams.

Roadmap to success.

Whether you’re aiming to amplify your existing demand gen tactics or kickstart a new strategy for customer acquisition, here are some of the ways our demand generation services can help.

Campaign planning shouldn’t feel like guesswork.

We work closely with marketing and sales leaders to understand your business objectives. Then we provide a systematic, prioritized, actionable plan—from who to target to how to reach and engage them—so you can feel confident that your demand gen programs will drive toward your growth goals.

Your buyers are everywhere. You should be too.

We help you decipher intent and other data to pinpoint who is in-market for your solution. Then we use these insights to develop integrated cross-channel campaigns tailored to each persona, blending digital interactions with focused content to expedite the journey.

New use cases don’t always require new tech.

From intent platforms to personalization tools, marketing automation, CRM, and sales enablement platforms, we guide you in harnessing your current technology to bolster your demand gen strategy and identify areas where new tools can be integrated to enhance your efforts.

You can’t afford gaps in the story. 

We help you weave together data from multiple sources and platforms to gain a complete picture of who is engaging with your content on and offsite. Then we help you use that information to create better predictive models and drive effective demand gen strategies that accelerate conversion.

Interaction does not equal readiness.

We help you hear the signals that indicate a buyer is ready for sales engagement—and help create sales training and playbooks so that when qualified leads come through, Sales is equipped to meet them where they’re at.

New data always means new opportunities.

In today’s crowded marketplace, a successful campaign is just the first step. From subject lines to ad placements to innovative approaches, we’re always evaluating what’s working and what isn’t and then using that information to fine-tune existing campaigns and inform future ones.

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