Intent Data in Action: 6 Strategies for Success

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Case Study

Performance media that performed for Brillio.


When the market shifts, you need to respond quickly. If you want to be thought-leaders, you need to respond even faster.

Brillio approached Iron Horse for help getting their point of view out to the people who needed to hear it most: the business leaders navigating the sudden change. Armed with a white paper and a landing page, they turned to us to get their message in front of the right people—fast.

The Iron Horse solution.

Iron Horse worked with Brillio to develop a multi-platform performance media campaign focused on a clear goal— getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time. We built a fully integrated strategy, combining Brillio’s information about their buying groups with our insight into the market to target known accounts and creating lookalike audiences to bring in prospects who hadn’t been introduced to Brillio yet. A multi-platform approach, including new strategies to better leverage their current tech stack, resulted in Brillio’s message reaching more than 400 targeted accounts, with a 20% opt-in rate for new prospects to be contacted by Brillio. 

Iron Horse applied a multi-faceted approach to help Brillio get the outcomes they wanted: 

  • Identified the combination of platforms and publishers that would make the best use of their budget and the short timeframe
  • Selected placements most likely to reach their preferred job titles at their target accounts—as well as look alike accounts they did not previously have on their radar
  • Closely monitored the campaign and made both messaging and media mix optimizations after the first week to lean into early successes

And then, a week after the campaign launched, we optimized everything again.

Just a few days into the campaign, we had brand new data to use—data about how this campaign was working. New data always means new opportunities. As part of our process, we refined the creative elements, added content syndication efforts aimed at their targeted accounts, furthered the conversation via LinkedIn, and maximized the reach and engagement of the entire campaign. 

“It was a great collaboration across our teams. Iron Horse did a great job of pulling us into rounding out and integrating the campaign. We wouldn’t have been able to do that alone and that’s why it was so important to bring in a partner who could help us strategize and execute at the speed we needed.” – Robert Painter, CMO, Brillio

Brillio’s goal was simple: get it right, fast. Working with us, they were able to get their messaging to their targeted accounts quickly and we ensured that their tactics became more effective once the data started coming in.

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