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Executive Summary: Barbie Mattie on “C-Suite Marketing Perspectives.”

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Let’s be honest. You don’t always have time for a podcast or webinar. And no one has time to read a transcript. Executive Summary is Iron Horse’s look at what our team has been up to while they’re out-and-about in the marketing world, summarized for your easy perusal.


The Content: Iron Horse VP of Growth Strategy Barbie Mattie on The C-Suite Marketing Perspective Podcast.

The Question: Why is content marketing important for B2B?

The Plug: Investment Insights Report for 2024 Budget Planning

Efficiency, Retention and Expansion are priorities for high-growth companies.

It’s clear that the landscape of B2B marketing is evolving rapidly. The recent  report from Iron Horse and the Enterprise Growth Alliance highlights the importance of efficiency, retention, and expansion as the top investment priorities for high-growth companies.

“Efficiency” covers a lot of ground, and the companies that are making investments to help improve it are focusing on a variety of things, from go-to-market strategies to customer acquisition cost (CAC) optimization. Improving efficiency, especially among the high-growth companies that were surveyed, allows that growth to remain sustainable year-over-year.

Retention emerged as another key focus area in the responses, indicating the significance of nurturing existing customer relationships. Happy customers serve as advocates for the brand, contributing to long-term success and brand building. By prioritizing retention efforts, companies can cultivate loyalty and drive repeat business, ultimately fueling revenue growth. 

Expansion, encompassing both upselling and cross-selling, rounds out the top three priorities for high-growth companies. The interconnectedness of retention and expansion cannot be ignored, and it emphasizes the importance of leveraging existing customer bases to drive incremental revenue. Through strategic initiatives aimed at expanding within current accounts, companies can capitalize on opportunities for growth while strengthening customer relationships.

Additional reading: https://info.ironhorse.io/resource/2024-investment-report

Marketing leaders expect content marketing to play a central role in achieving these key objectives.

Content development, coupled with audience-centric strategies, emerged as a critical investment area for the high-growth companies involved in this survey. To see the greatest chances of success, companies looking to generate high-growth should be focused on tailored content that resonates with target audiences, driving engagement and facilitating a connected buyer journey.

There’s more to content marketing than just content and successful marketing leaders are getting the most out of  their high-quality content by utilizing targeting and personalization strategies. Effective content marketing delivers the right message to the person in your target organization at exactly the right time, positioning your company as thought leaders and warming up accounts for your sales team to convert them into customers. 

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Rather than solely focusing on net new acquisition, CMOs should adopt a holistic approach that prioritizes efficiency, retention, and expansion. By learning from the successes of high-growth companies and embracing the power of content marketing, organizations can drive sustainable growth and maximize their impact in the marketplace. 

By embracing efficiency, prioritizing retention, and leveraging the transformative power of content, companies can unlock new opportunities for growth and cement their position as industry leaders.

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