The Art of B2B Market Research: Understand Your Audience Better–and Fast

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Creator Marketing

Unlock the potential of creatives.

Traditional tech marketing has failed to resonate with the creative community.

Unclear engagement journey

Generic, consumer-focused messaging

Lack of understanding of creative segments

Our approach.

We know tech and we speak creative.

From B2B experiences that hum to the visual content that consumers love to share, creatives are the heartbeat of the digital age. To capture the interest of this multifaceted audience, you need to ignite their imagination and demonstrate how new technologies can help them create better and faster. We help you define a clear, creator-specific engagement journey and deliver targeted, visually interesting, use-case driven content that keeps creatives engaged from awareness through advocacy.

Some of the companies that have increased demand with Iron Horse.

Core Services

  • Customer Acquisition & Engagement Strategy
  • Multi-channel Execution
  • Content Development
  • Onboarding & Customer Success
  • Audience-driven Campaigns

Program Design/Strategy

  • Playbooks
  • Template-driven Execution
  • Best Practices
  • Testing & Optimization


  • Strategy & Design
  • Customer Journey
  • Lead Retrieval
  • Experiences
  • Content Creation

Marketing Operations

  • Campaign Lifecycle Management Process
  • Guided Tactics Execution Process
  • Campaign Operations

Data Services

  • On/Off Domain Contact Data
  • Data Hygiene
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Model

E2E Analytics & Insights

  • Partner Marketing and Sales Views
  • Tableau Dashboards for Integrated Reporting
  • Insights-focused Advisory Services

MarTech Infrastructure

  • MA/CRM Integration
  • Contest Platforms
  • Campaign Structure & Taxonomy
  • Event, Webinar & Other Tools
  • Integration
  • Loyalty Programs

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