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Case Study

After the Acquisition: Engaging a New Developer Audience.

New acquisitions have profound impacts on all parts of a business. 

When that includes targeting a new audience, how do you pivot your marketing to speak to their needs? 

This is the situation a Cloud Infrastructure company found themselves in. They turned to Iron Horse for help reaching a developer audience that hadn’t been on their radar before—without alienating the audience that was already familiar with their brand.

The Iron Horse solution.

Iron Horse worked with our customer to create a multichannel demand strategy that consisted of webinars, workshops, and content syndication designed to increase visibility of a new DevSecOps-focused offering. These efforts generated 7,000+ new developer contacts, 25% of which were immediate MQLs.  

The Iron Horse solution included:

  • Audit to understand their existing go-to-market strategy, including their current audience, content plan, and metrics
  • Research and analysis of the habits, needs, and preferences of their new target audience—DevSecOps
  • Development of a new value proposition that addressed the needs of the DevSecOps audience
  • Formulation of a multichannel demand gen strategy focused on getting the content this developer audience prefers—including webinars, workshops—into the places they hang out

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