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Case Study

ABM Fast Start: A professional services firm’s marketing evolution.



To grow at scale, you have to evolve—and quickly. ​​

Our client, a leading professional services company, had grown through referrals but aimed for faster expansion in a new market. Recognizing the limitations of personal networks, they decided to transform their marketing from solely providing brand air-cover into a pipeline-generation engine.

The Iron Horse solution.

Iron Horse implemented a scalable account based marketing (ABM) approach, using Demandbase to target prospects from high-value accounts with highly relevant marketing content. We started by working with our client to optimize marketing operations and technology and select relevant content for key roles in the buying group. This approach laid the groundwork for the program to be able to scale over time, making the most of our effort and investment for future campaigns.

We then developed an omnichannel program consisting of content syndication and targeted ads on the sites they visit. Once the right accounts had shown interest, we were able to move them along their journey with coordinated retargeting ads, email nurtures and BDR outreach. Equipped with insights from these engagements, sales partners were then able to initiate meaningful conversations, accelerating accounts down the path to purchase.

The Iron Horse solution included:

  • Quickly formulating an account-based strategy from scratch 
  • Integrating martech, including Demandbase, to leverage intent data
  • Audience development, including research and analysis of the needs, pain points and preferences of their new target audience
  • Planning an integrated campaign that effectively engages buyers throughout their journey
  • Determining the most suitable media platforms and publishers for content syndication and ads to maximize budget in a short time frame
  • Writing and implementing communications at all touchpoints throughout the funnel

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