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Behind the Screens.

Tips from Allocadia’s Bróna O’ Connor


The onset of the pandemic disrupted life as we knew it. Industries scrambled, pivoted, and grasped to figure out what customers were looking for and needed in this unique time in history. At the same time, the digital space became extremely noisy with an onslaught of emails, webinars, and virtual experiences clogging everyone’s inboxes and competing for time. This begs the question: what can companies do to stand out in our new normal?

In this episode, we go behind the screens with Allocadia’s Senior Director of Demand Gen Bróna O’ Connor to talk about the lessons she learned throughout this time and strategies that worked to break through the digital noise.

Tune in to hear some of Bróna’s top lessons and learnings:

    • Figure out how to add value first – reassess what your customers need and pivot to deliver
    • Relevance matters – know when to skip the sales pitch and instead provide timely content
    • Add levity while still acknowledging hardships everyone is going through

About Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens is a LinkedIn interview series focused on virtual experiences and demand gen. Each episode, we ask a different industry leader to answer a burning question in about 5 minutes. Follow us on LinkedIn to catch new episodes right when they come out. To submit a question for an upcoming episode, email us at marketing@ironhorse.io.


Ellen Smoley & Stephanie Siemens are a dynamic duo on the growth marketing team at Iron Horse. They are passionate about ensuring all attendees receive a top-notch experience at virtual events, combining fun virtual activities with the latest technologies to meet specific client needs. When not scheming about new and exciting demand gen ideas, they can be found roaming the Bay Area for the perfect margarita.

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