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Case Study

How we helped a $1 billion company drive (even more) growth.

Highlights from an Iron Horse growth marketing case study. Results include an 150% increase in qualified leads, 25% increase in appointments, 3 FTEs reallocated.


Growing a company to $1 billion in recurring revenue is hard. Growing it past that is harder. ​​

When Iron Horse started working with this SaaS company, they had a simple question for us: “How do we continue to grow 30%+ a year?”

The Iron Horse solution.

Iron Horse helped the company lay the groundwork for continued growth and deliver a more streamlined buyer experience that led to a more than 25% increase in appointments, a shorter time to appointments, and an overall increase in qualified sales ready leads of more than 150%—while saving more than 3 FTEs. Getting there involved shifting to an account-centric strategy, integrating their tech stack—including layering in intent signals from multiple sources—and using the resulting data to personalize engagement with in-market target accounts. 

The Iron Horse solution combined precision adjustments across the sales pipeline and included: 

  • Automating manual work to free up valuable resources to work on more strategic projects. 
  • Optimizing buyer touchpoints for deeper engagement that progresses buyers on their journey
  • Leveraging untapped features of existing technology platforms to streamline data flow
  • Training sales reps on how to identify the next best action based on intent signals

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