Developer Marketing

Mobilize your most powerful advocates.

Traditional marketing strategies miss the mark with this dynamic audience that falls into neither the B2B or B2C category.

B2C-focused strategies

Assumptions about developer habits

No way to measure success

Our approach.

We make sure you talk WITH developers, not at them.

Done right, developer marketing can help you grow a loyal community that actively evangelizes your product. Done wrong, your message—and your marketing spend—is likely to disappear into the ether. With more than half our company made up of developers and 15+ years’ experience generating demand for the tech industry, we’ve learned a lot about how, when, and where to engage this important and unique audience.

Using our developer marketing framework, we help you identify prospective communities for acquisition, efficiently deliver relevant content and resources, and track engagement to build relationships that translate into a larger user base and more sales.


Some of the companies that have increased demand with IHI.

Our developer marketing services.

MarTech Infrastructure

  • MA/CRM/Analytics Integration
  • Developer Marketing Methodology
  • Program Structure & Best Practices


  • Developer Audience Analysis
  • Developer Advocate Journey Mapping
  • Omni-channel Customization
  • Asset Localization

Marketing Operations

  • Developer Lifecycle Management
  • Implementation & Guided Execution
  • Campaign Setup & Analysis

Data Services

  • Developer Engagement Modeling
  • Data Hygiene
  • Contact Enrichment

Program Design/Strategy

  • Program Playbooks
  • Templatized Assets
  • Testing & Optimization
  • Methodologies

E2E Analytics & Insights

  • Market Research
  • Database/Audience Analysis
  • Campaign Performance
  • Content Optimization
  • Program Analysis

Relationship Management

  • Community & Channel Direction
  • Partner Recruiting & Relationship Management

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