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How to create a B2B go to market strategy that converts.

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Why do we need a new GTM strategy?

The buyer’s journey is becoming increasingly more digital and self-serve. In the new GTM, marketing and sales must work together—with marketing-led activity responsible for progressing buyers through most of their journey. 

In this context, B2B growth teams are reexamining every aspect of their go to market strategy—from target account identification to program mix. Marketing leaders are wondering what they need to do—and do first—to drive sustainable growth in this new landscape.

The modern buyer’s journey requires a new approach.

Number of interactions leads have with a company before buying.

Of B2B buyers spend the majority of their journey in self-serve activities.

Number of members on the average B2B buying team.

Laying the foundation for sustainable growth.

Growth doesn’t happen overnight. It also doesn’t happen without a good plan. It requires a balance between careful planning and agility in execution.

Key components of a great B2B go to market strategy.


A B2B marketing approach that aligns marketing and sales teams to target best-fit accounts and turn them into customers.


Demand Gen.

The strategic process of driving interest and creating a demand for a product or service through various marketing channels.


Sales Enablement.

The ways we ensure Sales can connect with prospects and accounts in the right moment and the right way to move the conversation forward.


Partner Marketing.

The alignment of businesses to boost brand visibility, share audiences, and drive sales together through co-marketing, co-selling, and fully integrated initiatives.


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