Content Consumption Trends That Matter for 2024.

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Taking your B2B content marketing strategy a step further.

Explore the resources below to make sure your content marketing strategy doesn’t just look good, but is effectively moving buyers down the funnel.

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Why do we need a new GTM strategy?

The buyer’s journey is becoming increasingly more digital and self-serve. In the new GTM, marketing and sales must work together—with marketing-led activity responsible for progressing buyers through most of their journey. 

In this context, B2B growth teams are reexamining every aspect of their go to market strategy—from target account identification to program mix. Marketing leaders are wondering what they need to do—and do first—to drive sustainable growth in this new landscape.

Content is critical—and it’s only growing in importance.

How much B2B content demand has increased since 2019.

Of high growth marketing organizations plan to invest in content marketing tech for retention and expansion goals in 2024.

Planning your B2B content marketing strategy.

It’s hard enough generating enough content. A great content strategy takes it a step further and answers the questions your buyers have at each stage of their journey.

Let’s get on the same page about some terms.

Content marketing.

The use of valuable, relevant content to contribute to attracting leads, turning them into buyers and retaining their interest and business.

Content format.

The packaging of the content—i.e., ebook, blog, webinar, infographic, etc. Contrast with content type, which is the purpose—i.e., instructional, thought leadership, etc.

Content distribution channels.

The places where you publish, share and promote your content to your target audience, such as your website, social media, content syndication platforms, newsletter, etc.

Buyer persona.

A detailed profile of someone representing your target audience. Building accurate personas for target audiences helps you create more effective personalized content.

Creating a content distribution strategy.

Simply having content is not enough. Now it’s time to make sure your content distribution strategy effectively gets that content in front of the right eyes at the right time.

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