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Behind the Screens.

Advice from Samsara’s Jessica Whitney


Sponsorship opportunities and booths look a lot different in a virtual environment, but can still allow for meaningful connections to be made with customers and prospects.

In this episode, we go behind the screens with Samsara’s Sr Field and Event Marketing Manager Jessica Whitney to discuss her advice for someone sponsoring their first virtual event.

Tune in to hear Jessica’s insights on how best to maximize your investment in virtual event sponsorships. Some key takeaways include:

  • Working with event organizers to understand the benefits of the virtual platform – and how to use it to your advantage to engage with attendees
  • Researching which key targets are attending and personalizing your message to hit their key pain points
  • Cutting the above the noise with personalized follow-up

About Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens is a LinkedIn interview series focused on virtual events. Each episode, we ask a different industry leader to answer a burning question in about 5 minutes. Follow us on LinkedIn to catch new episodes right when they come out. To submit a question for an upcoming episode, email us at marketing@ironhorse.io.


Ellen Smoley & Stephanie Siemens are a dynamic duo on the virtual events team at Iron Horse. They are passionate about ensuring all attendees receive a top-notch experience, combining fun virtual activities with the latest technologies to meet specific client needs. When not scheming about new and exciting virtual event ideas, they can be found roaming the Bay Area for the perfect margarita.

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