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Behind the Screens.

Tips from Circle’s Andrew Guttormsen


Let’s be honest, networking has been tough to get right in the virtual event setting. Gone are the in-person event days where you pass someone in the hallway and strike up a casual conversation, leading to a new professional (or personal) contact. Planners instead have got to get creative to create organic ways for virtual attendees to connect and facilitate networking.

In this episode, we go behind the screens again with Circle’s Co-Founder Andrew Guttormsen as he shares how best to incorporate networking into a virtual event.

    • Use live chat as a mechanism to facilitate relationships
    • Extend the conversation past the event so people start to recognize fellow attendees
    • Incorporate a community like Circle into your event to prioritize networking


About Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens is a LinkedIn interview series focused on virtual events. Each episode, we ask a different industry leader to answer a burning question in about 5 minutes. Follow us on LinkedIn to catch new episodes right when they come out. To submit a question for an upcoming episode, email us at marketing@ironhorse.io.


Ellen Smoley & Stephanie Siemens are a dynamic duo on the virtual events team at Iron Horse. They are passionate about ensuring all attendees receive a top-notch experience, combining fun virtual activities with the latest technologies to meet specific client needs. When not scheming about new and exciting virtual event ideas, they can be found roaming the Bay Area for the perfect margarita.

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