Beyond “Alignment”: Creating More Efficiency Between Sales and Marketing

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Behind the Screens.

Tips from’s Andrew Saluke


Making sure you are creating content for your target audience that is actionable and valuable is critical as a marketer. But if you are running an entire webinar series with lots of different content, how do you create a cohesive digital experience for your customers and prospects?

We chatted with Andrew Saluke, Director of Marketing at, to get his take. Andrew shared his favorite tactics to ensure your digital experiences are connected and provide high value to your attendees:

    • Make sure your topics are conceptually linked and it’s clear they are part of a series
    • Provide tangible follow-up materials to help reinforce the content
    • Stick to consistency in your format – the goal should be to associate your brand with high-quality content
    • Connect the content of your webinars with actionable guidance and the value proposition of your offering

About Behind the Screens

Behind the Screens is a LinkedIn interview series focused on virtual experiences and demand gen. Each episode, we ask a different industry leader to answer a burning question in about 5 minutes. Follow us on LinkedIn to catch new episodes right when they come out. To submit a question for an upcoming episode, email us at


Ellen Smoley & Stephanie Siemens are a dynamic duo on the growth marketing team at Iron Horse. They are passionate about ensuring all attendees receive a top-notch experience at virtual events, combining fun virtual activities with the latest technologies to meet specific client needs. When not scheming about new and exciting demand gen ideas, they can be found roaming the Bay Area for the perfect margarita.

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