Virtual Events

Drive conversion from your virtual events.

Virtual events are frequently treated as a siloed tactic vs part of an integrated experience.


Investment focused on experiences not outcomes

Lack of process between marketing and sales

Our approach.

We integrate virtual events with your other marketing campaigns.

Virtual events depend on strong collaboration between marketing, sales and subject matter experts. Using our integrated event demand generation framework, we connect the dots between your pre-, at- and post- event activities to increase engagement and drive conversion. Our data-driven process enables you to scale virtual event demand gen activities, coordination, and collaboration across stakeholders to increase sales velocity and maximize ROI.

Some of the companies that have increased demand with Iron Horse.

Our virtual event services.

Program design/strategy

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Persona & Account Segmentation
  • Virtual Event Playbooks
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Best Practices Workshop
  • ABM for Virtual Events

Campaign operations

  • Webinar Nurture (Pre & Post)
  • Engagement Driven Content Development
  • Omni-channel Demand Gen
  • Derivative Content Creation and Promotion
  • Prospect, Account & Pipeline Analytics
  • Vendor Coordination

Data services

  • Data Hygiene
  • Data Enrichment
  • Account Dossiers
  • MA/CRM Integration and ABM Tie-in

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