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Iron Horse Is a Drift Certified Solutions Partner!

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Iron Horse is dedicated to providing our clients with the best strategy and guidance possible. So, when it came to acquiring Drift Solutions Partner Certification and deepening our strategic partnership with Drift, it was a no-brainer. This certification ensures that our clients using Drift get the best campaign insights, playbook recipes, and integration guidance with our in-depth knowledge of the Drift platform to maximize its capabilities for the best ROI.

Here’s what you need to know about our Drift Solutions Partner Certification.


What Drift Solutions Partner Certification means.

Iron Horse holds a strong partnership with Drift and our team takes pride in helping our Drift-using clients achieve more from their efforts. The Drift Solutions Partner Certification is new to the Drift certification library, but unlike others, this one is awarded to an organization as a whole, not an individual person. This means that at Iron Horse, nearly every single person who helps with your Drift implementation or strategy is an expert user.

“We’re excited to have Iron Horse certified as a Drift Solutions Partner. Iron Horse was the 6th agency to complete the certification, and this helps deepen our strategic partnership to help provide Drift customers with better campaign experiences, as well as more strategic and expansive playbooks. Drift Solutions Partner certification is the new gold standard for Drift partners and Iron Horse has our stamp of approval. Looking forward to the future of our partnership.”
– Nick Salvatoriello, Head of Partner Content & Community at Drift

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How we got certified.

We earned this certification by demonstrating we can function as an extension of the Drift team, and by meeting the following criteria:

  • Multiple team members are certified users in Drift’s other certifications, including Conversational Marketing, Conversational Sales, and Drift Playbook Basics.
  • Multiple team members have completed Drift’s curriculum of partner-specific content, including classes on onboarding, delivering ongoing optimization services, and co-marketing and co-selling.
  • Our agency has passed Drift’s assessment exam testing our ability to apply our collective knowledge from that training to help Drift customers.


If you’re using Drift, this certification matters to your bottom line, and in turn, it matters to us. We’re proud to add this certification to our resume because our clients using Drift know that our end-to-end campaign teams understand the fundamentals of Drift and our agency is well-versed in helping plan, build, and optimize Drift. Our dedication to client satisfaction and increasing campaign performance and outcomes is evident in this certification. We look forward to working on innovative new campaigns with our customers using Drift.

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